Is Engaging Reciprocity a Hustle?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about The 4-Step Reciprocity Loop for Better Relationships. The gist of the post was that some people don’t allow others to do for them in return. I pointed out why it might seem gracious for the giver to say, “You don’t need to do anything in return, your […]

What Charges and Drains Your Emotional Battery?

What activities give you emotional energy, charging your battery and make you feel like you could go all day long? On the flip side, what drains your battery, zapping your emotional energy and leave you feeling exhausted? My wife and I made a discovery around energy not long ago that’s been helpful for our relationship. […]

The 4-Step Reciprocity Loop for Better Relationships

Recently I overheard a conversation where an individual mentioned the kindness of a friend. She said whenever she goes to her friend’s business that friend never charges her for whatever services she provides. While the woman said she appreciates the friend’s generosity, she has a strong desire to do something in return for her friend […]

Someone Who Makes Me Think and Often Changes What I Think

Last week I wrote about the absurdity that other people cannot persuade us to change our minds. Shortly after that post I listened to a podcast I follow with some regularity. It occurred to me that on nearly every episode I find myself contending with the podcast host and his viewpoints. That’s because he makes […]

Has Anyone Ever Changed Your Mind?

“I can’t think of a single case where anyone ever persuaded me to change my mind about anything.” I heard this recently on a very popular podcast. The show’s host, a very smart man with a background in economics, uttered that sentence, much to my bewilderment.  His statement reminded me of an incident many years […]