Influence PEOPLE Workshops

Deirdre McCloskey, Professor of Economics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, researched the impact of persuasion on the U.S. economy in the 1990s. In her book Knowledge and Persuasion in Economics she built the case that this one skill – persuasion – is responsible for 25% of our national income. More than 20 years since her book came out, with the proliferation of the internet, some estimate that figure at closer to 30% now!

With so much at stake it’s critical that you and your organization understand how to ethically persuade others in the most effective ways possible. That’s where the science of influence comes in. Did you know there are more than seven decades of research into this area? I’ll teach you the science, and more importantly, how to apply it in ways that can make an immediate difference for you and your organization.

Joe Hillier, an Insurance Advisor with America’s Choice Insurance Partners, shared the following the day after attending a workshop:

“The things I took away from the POP workshop were instantly helpful. I’ve only been in my office for about four hours today and I’ve already landed a huge new account, and I leaned on a few persuasion principles to get it done. I have a strong feeling that this is an indicator of things to come!”



Principles of Persuasion is an interactive two-day workshop based on Robert Cialdini’s classic book Influence Science and Practice. During the workshop you’ll:

  1. understand the difference between ethical persuasion and manipulation
  2. learn the four-step influence process
  3. get in-depth training on each of the principles of ethical influence
  4. see how you can apply the principles in personal and professional situations
  5. be introduced to the Core Motives model so you’ll know the right principles to use when trying to build relationships, overcome uncertainty and motivate people to action.

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Moment Maker is a one day workshop is based on Robert Cialdini’s newest book, and New York Times best-seller, Pre-suasion. In this workshop you’ll:

  1. be introduced to the 7 principles of ethical influence
  2. learn what it means to pre-suade
  3. understand how to implement pre-suasion through the T.I.M.E. approach
  4. leave with an action plan to tackle a real situation you have coming up

Understanding how to pre-suade then persuade is a powerful one-two combination for changing people’s behavior.

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Persuasive Selling is a half-day training session that builds on the principles of persuasion workshop. During the training you will:

  1. explore the eight steps in the sales process
  2. find out which principles of influence are most effective at each point in the sales process
  3. learn through group activities and real-world sales examples
  4. leave with an action plan to help you immediately put your new knowledge into practice

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Personality Styles can be challenging to deal with but understanding how best to persuade different personalities will make influencing others come about more easily and naturally. This training is designed to help you understand how the principles of persuasion come into play with different personalities. Using a DISC type approach to understanding people, you’ll learn which principles to tap into with different personality styles to up your odds of hearing “Yes!”

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Listening STARS are the people who win the day. Listening is perhaps the most underdeveloped skill because people mistake hearing for listening. In this half-day workshop you’ll learn the difference between hearing and listening, barriers we all face when trying to listen and five tips so you can become listening stars. Click here for more information.

Understanding Body Language is an essential part of interpersonal communication and one more key to your ability ethically influence people. Some aspects of body language are obvious but others require you to be a detective of sorts. This half-day workshop will get you out of your seat so you can interact with other participants. In doing so you’ll learn how your body language impacts others and how to better understand other people based on their body language. Click here for more information.