What are people saying about Brian Ahearn and Influence PEOPLE?


Dr. Robert Cialdini


When Brian Ahearn speaks, people listen. That is so because he knows his material thoroughly, and he knows how to present it superbly. The upshot is that the genuine insights he provides are not just immediately understandable, they are also immediately actionable and profitable.

Jim Hackbarth
President & CEO
Assurex Global

You hit it out of the park!  The last time I have seen such high marks was when we had Colin Powell as our keynote a few years ago.

David Thomson, CMCT

Brian Ahearn is an incredible individual that I’d recommend to anyone looking for a world class speaker on the topic of influence.

I’ve worked with the world champion toastmasters public speaking champion and Brian would give him a run for his money! Engage his services then sit back and be thoroughly engaged.

Seth Zaremba
Zinc Insurance

If you take someone who can command a room and knows his stuff and then you put a topic in there that’s interesting to anybody who’s interested in being more effective, then you’ve got a grand slam and Brian’s a grand slam!

Monica Guillory
Director, HR & Workplace Inclusion RR Donnelley

RRD Logistics invited Brian Ahearn to keynote a presentation at our 2019 DLS Worldwide Logistics Agent and Sales meeting. We are very proud of the extensive transportation experertise of our Sales organization, broad multi-mode service offerings, and doing the right things the right way. We know Logistics and are very good at it. However, we wanted Brian to help teach our experienced reps how to “increase their overall effectiveness.” Brian delivered!! With Brian’s influence PEOPLE principles, we are better prepared with fresh, practical strategies to create more win/win scenarios for the clients we serve. In fact, we’ve already booked Brian for 2020!

Steven P. Haas
Association Partnership
DLS – Worldwide

Brian Ahearn possesses a unique combination of creative and analytical skills and knows how to engage an audience.

Prior to his presentation he focused on our company and our objectives prepared a one-of-a-kind presentation that would keep us coming back for more.

He arrived dressed one step ahead of our audience; opened our conference with energy and purpose and aligned his messages with our other presenters…

During his presentation he shared both familiar & non-familiar information; gave our audience ways to remember his points and implement prescribed strategies in our day-to-day activities.

After his presentation, shared useful tools; joined us for lunch; answered all pertinent questions and provided immediate and accurate follow-through.

I would highly recommend that you engage and involve Brian Ahearn in moving your group, team, or association to a whole new level.

The proof is not in the pudding – it’s in the second helping, and we’ll definitely access him as a resource for our own future conferences.

Al Jannett
First State Insurance Agency.

Your presentation to our group The Principals of Persuasion: The Science of Influence for Insurance Professionals received rave reviews from our entire staff. The only complaint was directed at me for not booking you for the entire day. The principals you teach relate not just to our profession, but to any relationship including with our families. Even our seasoned producers commented that they learned new ways to more effectively build and maintain relationships with prospects and clients with a more strategic approach deploying the principals you introduced. I believe we will qualify opportunities better, convert more of those opportunities to presentations and increase our closing ratio. Your presentation will make the entire staff better at First State.

Anthony Tormey
Leader Development Institute


Brian Ahearn is an extraordinary leader with extraordinary character. We have consulted with each other on many occasions and he has always provided great insight when needed. I consider Brian a “go to” resource.

Paul Saccomando
Operations Manager
Russell Bond & Co. Inc.

I had the pleasure of hearing Brian speak in Chicago at the NAMIC conference. Having heard many speakers over the years about sales skills, getting people to say yes, and other tactics, I was not expecting new or exciting from this segment about Influencing People. I was dead wrong because Brian’s presentation was awesome! He used real life examples, scientific studies, and his easy speaking style to engage participants. The best thing is you leave his presentations with concrete actionable items and transferrable ideas to improve your interactions with people on both personal and business levels. If you have the opportunity to hear Brian speak, do not hesitate!

Robert Sutter
President Keystone
Sales Culture Development

Brian Ahearn does a remarkable job in explaining the tenets of the Principles of Influence. He is an engaging presenter of fascinating information that, when applied in business situations, motivates the parties to whom we are speaking to take the actions we are recommending. If you want your sales force, or presentation teams to be more effective, Brian is the man you want them to hear.

Greg Wilkerson
Sr. Vice President
Frost Insurance


This was one of the best seminars that I have ever attended. Brian Ahearn’s communication and teaching of Dr. Cialdini’s principles of persuasion into business applications specifically for our industry were extremely relevant and applicable in both my work and personal life. This was a seminar that ever minute was time well spent and the information learned is easy to take back and apply immediately. The information is already making my relationships with clients better. The use of a few seemly simple applications have already helped in developing relationships with prospects quickly and I am excited about the continued study of the material and my note to apply the information into my practice. This is a seminar that I would recommend to all sales persons to increase not only sales, but to help develop new and better relationships with prospects, client, and piers.

Melissa Fisher
Growth Strategist and Adjunct Professor of Marketing
The Ohio State University


Brian spoke to my Consumer Behavior class. He skillfully translated the concepts of influence and persuasion to a group of students who are, at first, a tough group. Through his examples and questions, Brian brought the concepts to life and made them relevant to his audience. Students became visibly more engaged as the talk proceeded, they asked great questions, and several talked one on one with Brian after the presentation. He was even generous enough to allow several students to follow up with him later.