Why Podcast?

Podcasts are a great way to learn about ethical influence. Some people don’t enjoy reading but they love listening to discussions about interesting topics. Others are simply on the go so often that listening while on the go is their best time to learn. Each interview explores the application of influence and persuasion in personal and professional settings. Listen, learn and enjoy!

NEW – The Sales Experience Podcast – Ethical Persuasion

Jason Cutter, the Transformational Sales Guy, invited me to be a guest on his podcast. We covered a lot of ground in 40 minutes! Topics included: ethical persuasion, building rapport, why intention matters, overcoming objections and closing the sale. Listen and learn.

NEW – The Business Blast Podcast – How do you Influence PEOPLE

Tyler Wagner and I spoke about how to Influence PEOPLE throughout the sales process. To listen click here and click here to buy the book.

Work Life Balance – The Psychology of Persuasion and my new book Influence PEOPLE

I met Rick Morris in Arizona when he attended the Principles of Persuasion workshop. He invited me to be a guest on his show to talk about the psychology of persuasion and my new book, Influence PEOPLE: Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical. We had a great discussion, especially around the ethics of persuasion. Click here to listen to the show and click here to buy the book.

The Corporate Middle Podcast – How to Be More Persuasive

I met Donald Meador, the author of Surrounded by Insanity: How to Execute Bad Decisions, in Arizona when he attended The Principles of Persuasion Workshop. After reading his book and discussing our backgrounds in corporate America he invited me on the podcast to share some practical ideas on bringing persuasion into the workplace to get better results.

Jamming with Jason Podcast – Avoiding Resistance Using the Principles of Influence

I spoke with Jason Mefford, the Rock Star and founder of Medford Associates. Jason works closely with auditors so we discussed the resistance auditors experience from clients on a regular basis. During the podcast I shared how using the six principles of influence can help auditors, and anyone else, build relationships, overcome objections, and get people take action.

The Networking Rx Podcast – Revealing Social Science in Networking

Fran Agin is the founder of AmSpirit, a networking organization. Frank lives and breathes networking and does so the right way. He reached out to me and we quickly formed a friendship that’s been helpful for both of us. During this short podcast we talked about how using the psychology of persuasion can help your networking effort. Frank has written several books including Foundational Networking and LinkedWorking.

The Very Visible Business Podcast – The Science and Art of Influence

I began listening to David Avrin’s podcast because I worked with his brother Doug for many years. David is an international speaker on marketing and customer service. He’s written several books including Visibility Marketing, Why Customers Leave, It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You. In this 40-minute episode David and I cover persuasion, pre-suasion, ethical influence as opposed to manipulation and a number of other things. If you’re looking for thought provoking guests and interviews subscribe to David’s podcast after listening to our discussion.

Brainfluence – Applying Cialdini Principles in the Real World

I had the pleasure of meeting Roger Dooley on a trip to Austin, Texas. I’d read his book, Brainfluence, and followed his podcast for years so it was a real treat to have dinner together. I was honored that he asked me to be a guest on his podcast because, not only does it go out to about 50,000 subscribers, he’s interviewed some of the giants of social psychology and behavioral economics including Robert Cialdini, Dan Ariely, John Barth and BJ Fogg. In this 30-minute episode Roger and I discussed the real-world application of Cialdini’s principles of influence in everyday situations. If you want to learn more about neuromarketing I suggest you subscribe to Roger’s podcast after listening to my interview.

Behavioral Grooves – The Heart of Reciprocity

I was a guest in the “studio” for the Behavioral Grooves podcast where hosts Kurt Nelson and Tim Houlihan and I spoke about the practical application of the principles of persuasion, what is manipulation and how can we pre-suade. They were so much fun to speak with and it comes through in the podcast. Make sure you listen to their take away items at the end.

Unstructured – The 7 Principles of Influence

Eric Hunley, founder of Unstructured, invited me to be a guest to talk about the principles of persuasion. Unstructured is all about dynamic informal conversations. In addition to the seven principles we talked about how to defend yourself against those who might use them on you in an unethical manner.

Copy that Pops – The Psychology of Persuasion for Entrepreneurs 

Laura Petersen, founder of Copy the Pops, and I spent more than an hour talking about the principles of influence and how they can be use in by entrepreneurs. You’ll also want to listen because for the first time on a podcast I talked about the principle of unity.

Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations – Reciprocity and Liking 

Leadership expert Maureen Metcalf invited me to be a guest on her show to talk using liking and reciprocity as key elements in the larger field of persuasion. Click here to listen to some in-depth details on how to ethically engage these principles to move people to action.

Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations – Authentic Persuasion as a Key to Success

Authentic persuasion is a critical skill for leaders moving their organizations into the future. Listen to this episode as Maureen Metcalf and I talk about why applying persuasion is so important for your professional success and personal happiness.

Communication Nation – Communication and Influence 

Communication expert Jill Schiefelbein interviewed me on her podcast Communication Nation. The focus of our discussion was influence in the communication process and how it’s a key driver for professional success and personal happiness.

DiamondMind Enterprises – The Cialdini Method

Tom Rosenak, owner of DiamondMind Enterprises, LLC, was curious to learn more about the principles of influence and their application in insurance. Click here to join us for our 40-minute discussion.

American Negotiations Institute – The 6 Principles of Influence 

Kwame Christian, an attorney who specializes in negotiation and persuasion, interviewed me about the six principles of influence. Click here to listen to this half hour conversation.

Applied Curiosity Lab Radio – How You Can Get Anyone to do Anything

Becki Saltzman, the author of Living Curiously, discusses influence and curiosity with me. We go in deep in this hour discussion. Curious about what we discussed? Start listening to this in-depth conversation.

Hard Court Lessons – Influence and Persuasion Interview

Audley Stephenson, Deputy Commissioner at National Basketball League of Canada, asked me to join him on Hard Court Lessons to talk a bit about influence in leaderships. Check out this 25-minute dialogue.

Influence Insider – Interview with Cialdini Certified Influencer 

Paul Hebert, Senior Director of Solutions Architecture at Creative Group, Inc., and I talked for more than an hour about the principles of influence and their daily use. Start learning now.