Why Podcast?

Podcasts are a great way to learn about ethical influence. Some people don’t enjoy reading but they love listening to discussions about interesting topics. Others are simply on the go so often that listening while on the go is their best time to learn. Each interview explores the application of influence and persuasion in personal and professional settings. Listen, learn and enjoy!

Copy that Pops

Laura Petersen, founder of Copy the Pops, and I spent more than an hour talking about the principles of influence and how they can be use in by entrepreneurs. You’ll also want to listen because for the first time on a podcast I talked about the principle of unity.

Communication Nation

Communication expert Jill Schiefelbein interviewed me on her podcast Communication Nation. The focus of our discussion was influence in the communication process and how it’s a key driver for professional success and personal happiness.

DiamondMind Enterprises

Tom Rosenak, owner of DiamondMind Enterprises, LLC, was curious to learn more about the principles of influence and their application in insurance. Click here to join us for our 40-minute discussion.

American Negotiations Institute

Kwame Christian, an attorney who specializes in negotiation and persuasion, interviewed me about the six principles of influence. Click here to listen to this half hour conversation.

Applied Curiosity Lab Radio

Becki Saltzman, the author of Living Curiously, discusses influence and curiosity with me. We go in deep in this hour discussion. Curious about what we discussed? Start listening to this in-depth conversation.

Hard Court Lessons

Audley Stephenson, Deputy Commissioner at National Basketball League of Canada, asked me to join him on Hard Court Lessons to talk a bit about influence in leaderships. Check out this 25-minute dialogue.

Influence Insider

Paul Hebert, Senior Director of Solutions Architecture at Creative Group, Inc., and I talked for more than an hour about the principles of influence and their daily use. Start learning now.