Influence PEOPLE

Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical


Influence PEOPLE: Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical was written with you in mind. If you’re like most people I speak with then you don’t want to wade through highly technical or academic books to learn. You want to know what to do in order to enjoy more success at the office and happiness at home. Influence PEOPLE is designed to give you practical ideas you can apply immediately in order to be more effective when it comes to influencing people. When you learn what the research says about influence, then ethically apply that knowledge, more people will say yes to you more often.

Would understanding how people typically think and behave before you engage in a difficult conversation, tough negotiation, or make a simple request be helpful? Of course! Influence PEOPLE explores the science behind the influence process—what drives people to take the actions you want them to take, without manipulation or trickery.

Throughout the book you’ll learn how to influence people in the workplace, at home, and during social interactions. This book isn’t about changing people’s minds or simply convincing someone what you want them to do is right. It’s much more than that; it’s about changing people’s behavior. Positive thoughts, and even agreement from others, only go so far—and seldom lead to a change in behavior. This book will help you bridge the gap between good intentions and actions. Order your copy here.

What are people saying about Influence PEOPLE?


Influence PEOPLE is a treasure trove of instructive and entertaining personal accounts, informative research results, and extraordinarily useful tips for becoming consistently more influential. It shouldn’t be missed.”
Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D., President, INFLUENCE AT WORK and author of Influence: Science and Practice and Pre-suasion: A Revolutionary New Way to Influence and Persuade



“Brian has written a fantastic book that breaks down what can be a daunting subject for some to take to task. His words are concise, clear, and succinct in a way that makes his concepts easy to understand. It just shows how many of us need to hone our skill of persuasion whether we are aware of it or not!
Dorie Clark, Harvard Business Review Contributor, Keynote Speaker, author of Entrepreneurial You, Stand Out, and Reinventing You



“If your professional and personal success is dependent on getting others to say Yes to you — which it is by the way — then the obvious question is how? Brian Ahearn’s Influence PEOPLE doesn’t provide a single response, but rather a series of compelling answers. Importantly, they are all as practical and actionable as they are rooted in solid scientific evidence. 5 Stars!”
– Steve Martin, New York Times bestselling co-author of Yes! and Messengers! Who We Listen To, Who We Don’t and Why



Influence PEOPLE takes the science of influence out of the academic realm and makes it something you can easily use in the real world. Brian provides a ton of outstanding ideas that will help you enjoy more success at the office as well as peace and happiness at home. If you want to be more influential with everyone you meet, pick up your copy today!”
Mike Figliuolo, Managing Director of thoughtLEADERS and author of One Piece of Paper, Lead Inside the Box, and The Elegant Pitch



“Brian Ahearn’s new book has its roots in science but is highly readable and endlessly practical. Influence PEOPLE is packed with bite-size stories and nuggets of actionable advice. Anyone who wants to influence or persuade others should read this book.”
Roger Dooley, author of Friction and Bra influence



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