5 Lessons I’ve Learned During My Entrepreneurship Journey

Just over two years ago, November 2018, I left the safety and security of my corporate role to pursue Influence PEOPLE full time. I’m amazed at how quickly those years have passed!  I’ve reflected on the transition quite a bit lately and thought I’d share a handful of lessons I’ve learned. If you’re considering a […]

Persuasive Selling – What is Pre-suasion?

January 27th is the targeted release date for Persuasive Selling for Relationship Driven Insurance Agents. Selling isn’t confined to those with “sales” in their title. Company underwriters must sell their decisions so these concepts are for them! Claims adjusters know settling a claim is definitely a persuasive conversation, so these ideas will help them settle claims […]

The Importance of Saying “Thank You”

This is a chapter from my book Influence PEOPLE: Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical. I thought it appropriate to share on the heels of Thanksgiving. I hope you and your loved ones had a happy holiday. Sincerely, Brian The Importance of Saying “Thank You” You just read about correct ways […]

New Book – Persuasive Selling – Coming in January!!

EXCITING NEWS! My second book – Persuasive Selling for Relationship Driven Insurance Agents – is on track for pre-order in early January and will be available in paperback and ebook by the end of the month! Robert Cialdini had this to say after reading the manuscript: “Persuasive Selling is a rare find, uncomplicating the intricate process […]

The 4 Most Dangerous Words for Personal Growth

I did a virtual keynote earlier this year and saw a comment that concerned me. Well, the concern wasn’t actually for myself, rather it was for the people who made the comment. Why was I concerned? Because they said the four most dangerous words for personal growth – “I already know that.” With a college […]