Revisiting Racist Tendencies

Six years ago I wrote an article called I’m Racist, You’re Racist, Everyone is Racist. Sadly, race relations have grown worse since that post appeared in August 2015. With all that’s going on in our country, and around the world, I thought it would be good to revise and repost that article.  I realize the […]

Odds are 1 in 275,000

What would you think if I told you had a 1 in 275,000 chance of really knowing all that’s going on with you? According to science your subconscious processes about 11 million bits of information per second. Wow! On the other hand, your conscious brain only processes about 40 bits of information during that same […]

Letting Go Of Expectations

If you read last week’s blog post, Frankie Says Relax, then you know Jane and I spent a week in North Carolina. We stayed in a small cottage on the beach. The opportunity came up unexpectedly at the beginning of August when a friend told me his beach house was available the last week of […]

Frankie Says Relax

Frankie Says Relax was an icon song in the early 80s by the English band Frankie Goes to Hollywood. I’m taking Frankie’s advice this week as Jane and I spend time at a beach house in North Carolina. It’s our first vacation, just the two of us, in three years. What’s my idea of relaxing? […]

The Influencer – Sneak Peak!

I’m still hard at work on book #3, The Influencer: Secrets to Success and Happiness. I was shooting for an October release but based on feedback from pre-readers I’m reworking parts before getting it to my editor. I’m still confident that it will be available by year-end. (The perfect Christmas gift? LOL) The book follows […]