Build Better Relationships Using Relational Influence

One key to living a successful, happy life are the relationships we build. The more connected you are at work the better your chances to get ahead. That’s because you have more people that can help you when you need it and more people to learn from. On a personal level, strong relationships help us […]

My Best Career & Life Choice

I want to share with you the best career choice, actually life choice, I ever made. This was brought to mind when I was listening to Patrick Leddin, Ph.D., host of The Leadership Lab Podcast, interview Karen Dillon. Karen coauthored How Will You Measure Your Life with the late Clayton Christensen. The conversation brought me back […]

The Intersection of Influence and Change Leadership

I often tell people, influence is the underpinning of selling. If you don’t know how to influence people you won’t be successful in sales. No ifs, ands or buts. The same could be said for leadership and coaching. Sales, leadership and coaching all follow a predictable path: build relationships, help people overcome uncertainty then motivate […]

Need to Collect a Debt? Persuasion Can Help!

When people think of influence and persuasion they immediately gravitate to sales and leadership. That makes sense because at its core selling is about persuading prospects and clients regarding the merits of your product or service. Leadership conjures up thoughts of influencing people, moving the masses, to forge ahead with goals. I’ve noticed that rarely […]

I Trust Nothing from Anybody Anymore

Recently I saw the following social media post from a friend and former coworker: “I trust nothing from anybody anymore. I’ll go with my gut instincts and do what I think is right.” Like my friend, you’re inundated with more information than ever and very likely frustrated by all of it. According to one source, […]