Influence Secrets to Expand Your Online Network: Romance Them

I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth a deep dive. When you connect with someone do not try to sell them on anything. Think about dating and use a little romance. Okay, I’m not talking about real romance but the concept of courting. You don’t meet somebody for the first time and immediately say, “I […]

Influence Secrets to Expand Your Online Network: Reach Out

Most things in life that you want, you need to proactively go after. Building your network falls into that category. Unless you have the luxury of being so well-known that your network grows simply by responding to connection requests then you’d better get busy. Start by reaching out.  Reaching out was mentioned in last week’s […]

Influence Secrets to Expand Your Online Network: Be Social

The term “social media” goes back to the mid 90s. There doesn’t seem to be consensus on who actually coined the term but it’s safe to say it wasn’t popularized until around 2004, when Facebook came into existence. As more and more social platforms came into existence “social media” became a household term. Today too […]

Influence Secrets to Expand Your Online Network: Content is King

My LinkedIn followers are quickly approaching 10,000. Not bad for someone who isn’t famous. It’s taken a number of years and a lot of work but I’m carving out my niche. If I can do it, so can you.  What am I doing to consistently build my followers and connections? I’d say the number one […]

Influence Secrets to Expand Your Online Network

Over the next several weeks I’m going to share influence secrets to help you expand your online network. Why now? As my old boss used to say, “When is the best time to plant a bamboo tree? 50 years ago, because that means it’s fully grown. But, if you didn’t do that then the next […]