Quarterly Newsletter

Well now, that was an interesting second quarter! Just a few weeks into March and most of the country, and world, started to lockdown because of Covid-19. As if a worldwide pandemic wasn’t enough, next came the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, protests and civil unrest. Covid seems to be resurgent and Americans are […]

Protesting Mainstream Media and Traditional Politics

I’m done with our mainstream media and traditional politics. Why? Because I teach people about ethical influence and I’m sick and tired of all the manipulation I observe. This all bubbled to the surface a few weeks ago when I talked with Jane about the state of the country. I was surprised at how angry […]

When the Journey Becomes Better than the Destination

My high school football coach, Todd Alles, said many times during our playing days, “You’re gonna learn a lot about life playing this game!” That didn’t mean much to a bunch of 15-18 year olds sweating in the hot August sun during two-a-day practices. In fact, if memory is correct, we were probably thinking, “Yea, […]

I love you, but…

If you’ve ever heard, “Honey, I love you but…”, you know “I love you” was a set up and the hammer is about to fall! Have you ever considered the power of the word “but”? It’s powerful because it negates almost everything that comes before it. When it comes to persuasion I remind people – […]

Intent on Grace

One of my sisters-in-law used to be an attorney, a litigator. I remember her telling me one of the hardest things to prove in law is intent. It may not be hard to establish with certainty what happened in a particular case, but determining someone’s state of mind, their motivation, was much more difficult to […]