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Great Holiday Gift Ideas

I hope you and your loved ones had a great Thanksgiving. You may be getting ready to celebrate another holiday – Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Festivus – in December so it’s a good bet you’ll be exchanging gifts with family and friends. Knowing you want love ones to enjoy success and happiness, I hope you’ll consider giving […]

Don’t Be A Turkey When It Comes To Thanksgiving

This week Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving. The holiday’s origins go back to the 1600s with the arrival of the Pilgrims on the continent. However, it wasn’t until Abraham Lincoln that Americans formally acknowledged the last Thursday in November as the day of celebration. Franklin D. Roosevelt altered the date in 1939, when there were […]

Need Help to get Something Done?

The following is a chapter from my first book, Influence PEOPLE: Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical. If you find it helpful, order your copy today. If you already have a copy, a review would be much appreciated. Need Help to get Something Done? Suppose it’s Monday the 22nd and you […]

Privilege and Judgment

Privilege is a word that’s kicked around quite often these days. If you look at various sources, you’ll see definitions that include words like benefit, advantage, favor, or special right that a person or group may have. Much of the time the privilege someone enjoys has little to do with their choices.  When you think […]

Starbucks, how about helping a barista?

Recently I posted an idea about a simple change to the Starbucks app that could help baristas earn extra money through more generous tips. A friend asked if I could expand on the thought process behind the suggestion and that’s the reason for this article. I’m sure there are many things Starbucks could do to […]

Are We Always Selling, Negotiating, or Persuading?

What is selling? How about negotiating? What’s your definition of persuading? I often hear salespeople say, “We’re always selling.” Of course, negotiators like to say, “Everything is negotiable.” Where I worked for decades, we had an internal slogan, “Everybody Sells.” It was a great reminder that everything we did mattered. From the mailroom to the […]

Quiet Quitting – A New Phenomenon?

Quiet quitting seems to be trending quite a bit lately. If you’re like me, then you might have wondered what quiet quitting is all about. It refers to the position employees take which limits work within defined work hours (i.e. 8 AM – 5 PM), only engaging in work related activities within those hours, and […]

Quarterly Newsletter

Three Quarters Down … One to go in 2022! In the last newsletter I reminded you, if you were on a sports team you’d have just come out of the locker room for the second half of the game. Well, now you’re in the final quarter. If you’re behind on your goals, start pressing! If you […]

Foursome Fun – An Approach to Raise Money for Good Causes

A couple of weekends ago, my wife hosted a golf outing to benefit Conservation International. Jane works for Integrated Leadership Systems and the owner of her company, Steve Anderson, is passionate about helping to preserve the environment. During her seven years at ILS, Jane has become passionate about the environment too. A few years ago, […]