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New Book – Persuasive Selling – Coming in January!!

EXCITING NEWS! My second book – Persuasive Selling for Relationship Driven Insurance Agents – is on track for pre-order in early January and will be available in paperback and ebook by the end of the month! Robert Cialdini had this to say after reading the manuscript: “Persuasive Selling is a rare find, uncomplicating the intricate process […]

The 4 Most Dangerous Words for Personal Growth

I did a virtual keynote earlier this year and saw a comment that concerned me. Well, the concern wasn’t actually for myself, rather it was for the people who made the comment. Why was I concerned? Because they said the four most dangerous words for personal growth – “I already know that.” With a college […]

We’re in a Sick Cycle but We Can End It!

One of my favorite bands is Lifehouse. Recently I’ve been listening to one of their earlier releases, “Sick Cycle Carousel”. The song is about a person struggling against the cycle of addiction. Their addiction is analogous to a carousel and the person realizes they need to make the choice to get off and not get […]

Don’t Expect Change With The Same People in Power

While many Americans have already voted, tomorrow many more will go to the polls to vote on various issues and politicians, including the President of the United States. We thought 2016 was bad but the rhetoric has heated up to unprecedented levels. Now is as good a time as any to revisit a contentious political […]

Quarterly Newsletter

As I write this we’re fast approaching another presidential election. It was hard to imagine this election could be more explosive and divisive than Trump vs. Clinton four years ago but we’ve managed to do that. Well done America. Layer that on top of the pandemic, racial unrest, protests across the country, violence in our […]

What’s Your Dream?

You read and hear a lot about vision. Some people say you need to see it before you can achieve it. Indeed, visualization can be extremely helpful. Athletes and performers can attest to that. In fact, science backs mental reps being almost as good for you as real reps when it comes to certain activities. […]

A Final Remembrance, Finally Clarity

On Saturday, September 19, we laid my father, Brian Ahearn, Sr., to rest. In case you missed it, he was the focus on my post last week, Fathers and Sons – It’s Complicated. As you might expect, the last seven days have been unlike any before them. It’s been a whirlwind and suddenly it’s Monday, […]