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Pay it Forward

Pat had an uneventful week at the office. She couldn’t put her finger on it but she felt melancholy most of the time. She wasn’t sure if it was coming down from the high of so many weeks where she saw instant response to the things that Coach Smith was teaching her or if it […]


Friday afternoon rolled around and Pat eagerly looked forward to another lesson from Coach Smith. This time they met at the door, each walking into the coffee shop at the same time. Pat noticed Coach was walking a little slower and breathing a little harder than normal. “Coach, are you okay? You look like you’re […]

Don’t Be a Downer

Eager to put Coach Smith’s lesson on scarcity into practice, Pat saw the perfect opportunity Monday afternoon. She’d attended a leadership meeting and the company sales results were significantly less than where they hoped to be at the 6-month mark. Company results were the basis for the annual bonus plan. Not only did the company […]

Tears of Joy

Last Friday Abigail, our only child, tied the knot with our new son-in-law Tyler. When I say they “tied the knot,” they literally did so in an Irish knot tying ceremony. It was beautiful!  About an hour before that, when I walked into the room and saw Abigail for the first time in her wedding […]

Wins and Losses

The rest of the week flew by and before Pat knew it, it was Friday afternoon again. As she was getting ready to meet Coach Smith at the coffee shop she reflected on the week. She felt good about having caught her mistake during the team meeting and then pivoting to talk to each person […]

Less Directive

Over the weekend Pat thought a lot about the conversation with Coach Smith. As she reflected on his advice and her leadership style, she realized she’d been very directive in her approach with her team. Although Coach Smith pointed out how he asked questions during practice, it wasn’t something Pat noticed about his approach with […]

Ask, Don’t Tell if You Want Commitment

The following week Pat was thrilled to receive her Certified Learning Consultant designation in the mail. She took a selfie with it and sent it to Bill so he could give the okay for the communications department to send out the company wide announcement. It went out Thursday afternoon and almost immediately Pat received dozens […]

Becoming a Respected Leader

Pat enjoyed the weekend with her out of town guests then took Sunday evening to reflect on what Coach Smith had shared with her regarding the principle of authority and the importance of being viewed as a trusted expert. She knew this would not be an overnight endeavor for two reasons. First, gaining trust takes […]

A Trusted Expert

Despite her excitement to meet with Coach, Pat was ten minutes late getting to the coffee shop. “Coach Smith, I’m so sorry for being late,” she began. “A meeting with my boss ran long.” Coach replied, “It’s okay Pat, some things can’t be helped. One thing you have more of when  you retire is time. […]

Putting Peer Pressure to Work at Work

This is the 7th installment on our influence through a story series. See the end of the post for links to the prior installments. —————- When Pat woke up Saturday morning she realized she caught some kind of bug and was under the weather. She didn’t start feeling normal until Sunday evening. As a consequence, […]