What is Persuasion?

Aristotle said persuasion was the art of getting someone to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do if you didn’t ask.

Did you know there are more than seven decades of research into the science of how to influence people?

Brian will teach you that science AND help you apply it to ensure your professional success and personal happiness!

“When Brian Ahearn speaks, people listen. That is so because he knows his material thoroughly, and he knows how to present it superbly. The upshot is that the genuine insights he provides are not just immediately understandable, they are also immediately actionable and profitable.” 

Dr. Robert Cialdini President of INFLUENCE AT WORK

“You hit it out of the park!  The last time I have seen such high marks was when we had Colin Powell as our keynote a few years ago.”

Jim Hackbarth President and CEO at Assurex Global

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