Upcoming Interview on BlogTalkRadio

Save the date! On Wednesday April 7th (12-1 pm EST) I will be the guest of the group Inside Influencers on BlogTalkRadio. The topic will be the principles of influence and how to apply them to everyday situations at work and home. You can listen in through the BlogTalkRadio website or by phone 646-381-4430.

The show has multiple hosts who work directly with employees and various distribution channels. I met one of the hosts, Paul Hebert, in the summer of 2004 when Dr. Robert Cialdini was a guest speaker at State Auto Insurance. At the time Paul worked for the company that helped plan the agency events featuring Dr. Cialdini. Paul is now the Managing Director of I2I, a validation and incentive planning consulting company. He also writes a blog called Incentive Intelligence. Paul and I reconnected last year when found me online through my blog.

Make plans to grab your lunch and join us on Wednesday April 7th at noon EST. If you’re unable to listen to the show live no worries because it will be recorded. I’ll make sure to post the link on Influence PEOPLE sometime after April 7th. If you have questions about the show feel free to contact me at BFA654@gmail.com.


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Brian Ahearn, CMCT®
Brian Ahearn, CMCT®
Chief Influence Officer at Influence People, LLC
Brian Ahearn is the Chief Influence Officer at Influence People, LLC. A dynamic keynote speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant, he specializes in applying the science of influence and persuasion in business and personal situations. He is one of only 20 individuals in the world who currently holds the Cialdini Method Certified Trainer® (CMCT®) designation. This specialization in the psychology of persuasion was earned directly from Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D. – the most cited living social psychologist in the world when it comes to the science of ethical persuasion. Brian’s passion is helping people achieve greater professional success and enjoy more personal happiness. He does this by teaching people how to ethically move others to action through the science of persuasion.
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