Influence is the Secret to Professional Success and Personal Happiness

Aristotle described persuasion as the art of getting someone to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do if you didn’t ask.

Understanding how to ethically influence people is critical for your professional success and personal happiness!

Why is influence a secret? Because most people don’t know the science behind the influence process.

Brian will teach you how to apply the science of influence to ensure your success and happiness.

“The last time I’ve seen such high marks was when we had Colin Powell as our keynote a few years ago.”

– Jim Hackbarth, retired CEO at Assurex Global

“Brian commanded the stage and captivated his audience like I’ve never seen before. The only speaker I’ve seen who compares is Marcus Luttrell, the Navy Seal who wrote Lone Survivor.”

– Mike Widman, President at C&W Insurance

“When Brian Ahearn speaks, people listen. That is so because he knows his material thoroughly, and he knows how to present it superbly.” 

– Robert Cialdini, Ph.D., President of INFLUENCE AT WORK

Upcoming Engagements

March 10 – Missouri Association of Insurance Agents, Jefferson City, MO

March 29 – National Glass Association, Nashville, TN

April 5 – Ohio Insuance Agents, Columbus, OH

May 6 – International Business Brokers Association, Denver, CO

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